Okomfour Kwadee and Joe Frazier Freestyle

Okomfour Kwadee and Joe Frazier Freestyle
Okomfour Kwadee and Joe Frazier Freestyle

One of the greatest hiplife legends Ghana can always boost of is Okomfuor Kwadee.The talent he is bestowed with is beyond thoughts of many when he sung and rap.

His song “Meyere ne me mpena” as at it’s time of released was played at every corner in Ghana.However, a serious illness according to sources crippled the rapper and took him out of the music scene for some couple of years.

The rapper battled with psychological problems during his reign days and that completely shut him down. Well,he has recovered from that catastrophe and rises again to blow the mind of Ghanaians with his songs again.

In the quest to prove that,Okomfuor kwadee was seen on stage singing and rapping with Ghana’s hiplife artiste Joe Frazier.

The nostalgic feeling the song brought was massive as the duo tried to prove hiplife still reigns.”Abrantee,Obaa no,Ofie nipa,Wokye” were some of Kwadee’s hit songs among many.
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