The Nigerian Gospel Sensation Called “Moses Bliss”

Moses Bliss is a Nigerian gospel singer, songwriter, and worship leader known for his soul-stirring music and powerful performances. Born on February 20, 1993, in Benue State, Nigeria, he discovered his passion for music at a young age and began singing and composing songs from his teenage years.

Bliss gained widespread recognition in the Nigerian gospel music scene with the release of his hit single “Too Faithful” in 2019. The song’s impactful lyrics and melodious tune resonated with listeners across Nigeria and beyond, earning him praise and admiration for his talent and message of faith.

“Too Faithful” quickly became a viral sensation, topping gospel music charts and receiving millions of views on YouTube. The song’s success catapulted Moses Bliss to prominence in the Nigerian gospel music industry, establishing him as one of the country’s most promising gospel artists.

Following the success of “Too Faithful,” Moses Bliss continued to release inspiring and uplifting gospel music, including singles like “You I Live For,” “Bigger Everyday,” “Taking Care,” and “Perfection.” His songs are characterized by heartfelt worship, powerful declarations of faith, and an unwavering commitment to spreading the message of God’s love and grace.

In addition to his music career, Moses Bliss is also known for his dynamic stage presence and captivating live performances. He has ministered at various churches, concerts, and gospel events across Nigeria, leading worshippers into powerful moments of praise and worship.

Moses Bliss’s impact extends beyond the music industry; he is admired for his humility, dedication to ministry, and passion for empowering others through his music. He continues to inspire believers around the world with his heartfelt songs and unwavering commitment to spreading the gospel message. I believe and i know many will agree with me that his track “Too Faithful”, is on a whole different level. In fact, the track resounds with so many people that, many years after its release people can’t help but be moved by the song.

Moses Bliss remains a prominent figure in the Nigerian gospel music scene, and his influence continues to grow as he reaches more listeners with his soul-stirring music and powerful ministry. He has recently proposed and engaged his longtime girlfriend Marie, of Ghanaian background in a very ravishing set-up. He did so with a song composition titled “For Life“.

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