The Legendary Lucky Dube – An African Gem Forever

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Lucky Dube was a South African reggae musician and one of the most successful and influential artists in the genre from the African continent. Lucky Philip Dube was born on August 3, 1964, in Ermelo, South Africa. He grew up in a rural area in the eastern part of South Africa. His interest in music started at an early age, and he began singing in church choirs. In the late 1970s, he formed his first band, called The Skyway Band.

Dube initially explored various genres, including mbaqanga (a South African musical style). He later became influenced by reggae music, inspired by the messages of social justice and resistance found in the lyrics. Lucky Dube gained widespread recognition in the mid-1980s with the release of his album “Rasta Never Die” (1985). His reggae music often addressed social and political issues, such as apartheid, poverty, and the struggles faced by the black population in South Africa. Lucky Dube’s albums gained popularity not only in South Africa but also internationally, especially in other African countries and Europe. Albums like “Slave” (1987), “Together as One” (1988), and “House of Exile” (1991) contributed to his global success.

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Dube’s music during the apartheid era was often critical of the oppressive regime, and he used his platform to advocate for change. His song “War and Crime” was particularly notable for its commentary on the political situation in South Africa. On October 18, 2007, Lucky Dube was tragically killed in a carjacking incident in Rosettenville, a suburb of Johannesburg. His untimely death shocked the music community and fans worldwide.

Lucky Dube is remembered not only for his contribution to reggae music but also for his commitment to social and political causes. His music continues to inspire and resonate with people, and he is often regarded as a cultural icon in South Africa. Lucky Dube’s impact on the global reggae scene and his advocacy for justice and equality have left a lasting legacy. Despite his untimely death, his music remains influential, and he is remembered as a pioneer of African reggae. Lucky Dube may be gone, but from the looks of things his influence on music in South Africa and the whole African continent as well as the global Reggae scene will forever be remembered.

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