DOWNLOAD MP3 : Keche – Aluguntugui

Keche - Aluguntugun

Keche has made a reputation for themselves. One of their most popular songs, “Keche – Aluguntugui” helped them get a lot of attention in Ghana’s music industry. Stream and Download free mp3 by Keche


keche aluguntugui lyrics

Life is tasty like aluguntugui
Spinner lee entertainment, Kecke
Wei di3 aluguntugui gui
Mi daasi wei di3 aluguntugui gui

Hei h) hu girl biaa na wa pozy
Nice shoe wa linky
H) hu this girl na i like am
Debiaa i like am, i like am
Mpo na as3i saaaaaa
Wei di3 aluguntugui gui


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