Iniko – Jericho Lyrics

Iniko - Jericho
Iniko - Jericho
Iniko – Jericho

Iniko  released new song titled Jericho Lyrics Music Video MP3 Download Beat instrumental.  When I move,, it’s an earthquake rumble
I will never, ever fall; never stumble
And I don’t need to be humble
Break down walls, like Jericho, crumble

The song “Jericho” by Iniko is about overcoming obstacles and achieving your goals. The lyrics talk about how the singer is “from outer space” and has “Milky Way for blood,” which suggests that they are not from this world and have a different perspective on life. They also say that they are “evolution” and “not really here,” which could be interpreted as meaning that they are constantly changing and growing.

The chorus of the song repeats the phrase “Jericho walls come down,” which is a reference to the biblical story of the Israelites conquering the city of Jericho by marching around it for seven days and blowing their trumpets. The Israelites were able to defeat the city because the walls came down, and the singer of “Jericho” is saying that they are going to do the same thing to their obstacles.

The song ends with the singer saying “thank you,” which could be interpreted as a thank you to God, themselves, or their supporters. The song is a powerful message of hope and determination, and it is sure to inspire anyone who listens to it.

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