DOWNLOAD MP3 : Strongman – Dirge

Strongman - Dirge
Strongman - Dirge
Strongman – Dirge

Strongman released new song titled ‘Dirge‘ Download Free MP3 Song By Strongman – Dirge Beat Instrumental Lyrics on Ghana Songs

Video by Strongman performing ‘Dirge’. Video directed by KobbyShots. (C) 2023. Strong Empire

Strongman Dirge

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2023 ay3 tawee a fa pick axe
Rap sesa k) boxing koraa these hommies can’t kick us
From the industry Abi u know y3 y3 spit facts
Hookup ni de3 gonorrhoea na 3fa woho na 3ny3 Hiccups
After so many years y3 rep Hiphop
Boys know nothing about silicon nso pii y3 fake ass
Ghana rap mu lion ,the zoo needs to keep us
Ghana rappers be my students they all need to sit up

Julius malema I’m always free to say my mind
Mehy3 goalkeeper jersey koraa mo mo suro s3 Number 9
If I say I am the best how can u detect a lie
Wo p3 shape a nka wo ware triangle lemme drop my lines

Fr3 me gattuso Wo ka me a I won’t let it slide
Ma economics teacher nkyer3 wo ase3 the effect will multiply
Ment)n sobolo w) kwan ho
So Don’t try to disrespect me u can’t even pay the price

More than 5beefs 34 battles
Undefeated nka me mep3 beef a nka meny3n cattle
Android fo) mo ngyae dede noa moy3 no
na y3 nana Adam n Eve mpo they knew about this apple

Boys spread me din ky3n Disease
So many years no Defeat
In my books the only overrated word might just be peace
Nti Mey3 ayigbe ni nka meba no )nde peace
No competition I keep winning with ease

Rap mu nk)mm)d3 save me from your drama
If u really came to beat me use the kick to beat ur drummer
Wod)fo daadaa woa na 3ny3 me so oo awurama
Kurasini yagyegye sika de wo ak) uk 3ny3 for grammar

Meka meho a obia b3da
Yepie na obia adeda
Moa mo baa s3 mo b3 to shot mo tuo mehy3m s3 etuo aboba
Me mesi mu na obia adeda
Boys suro s3 Nsuo bi ba
Ghana rap no medi anim na moda akyire s3 adwe bi ba

Kasa na me mp3 na 3ny3 atopa
Obia )b3 venture bia b3ko Nt)kwa
Woa Wo ka me bia manfii wo no woho ahyi s3 Ayiase ka
Cos mesua na y3 se agor) ni a meyi nt)kwa

Drake boys some of you mo needi writers
Bob) wo favorite rappers all I see is a Bunch of female rappers
These days Kwaku feel big for Ghana rappers
4yrs 4best rapper nominations I’m the hardest rapper

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