DOWNLOAD MP3 : Sam Opoku – Old

Sam Opoku - Old
Sam Opoku - Old
Sam Opoku – Old

Sam Opoku released new song titled Old Download MP3 Music Audio By Sam Opoku – Old Beat Instrumental Lyrics I said bartender, I need one shot whiskey Two shots of pain and a dash of some memory with life’s lemons I made lemonade Does it still taste the same if I mix it with some Hennessey. Dreams of being young and unafraid But I loved somebody and it drained all my energy Oh, and I thought that love was magnificent I remember being 7 years old Thinking “Oh My God” what’s it feel to be 23 Now I’m 27 staring at a kid in the mirror And all I do is wonder if he’s proud of me Broken promises made me this way I swear I wasn’t always numb and indifferent Bartender, I need one shot of whiskey But what could I tip you to refund my innocence (Oh hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo) Would I rather be rich in gold Or rather be rich in the fire What if I wake up alone Maybe I’m sick and tired Or maybe I’m just getting (oh hoo hoo hoo) Maybe I’m just getting older Hey bartender, Happily ever after, why don’t I don’t see it happening Hey bartender, Have you ever been in love with someone but terrified of settling Remember I was young and behaved But I hurt somebody and I couldn’t find a remedy And I thought that love was like medicine They say the older you get Oh, the wiser you are I should be wiser by far But I feel more like a child now Heaven knows I’m a mess But there’s still some time to build us A sandcastle inside of this hourglass And I hope that it’s with you when I say Bartender, one shot of whiskey Two shots of pain and a dash of some memory

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