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Wanlov the Kubolor - My Toto (Official Video)

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Wanlov the Kubolor finally released ‘My Toto Official . Below is the Official Video

Lyrics: Wanlov the Kubolor – My Toto

U fok me too hard
too hard
i no know the tin i do
mek u pound me like fufu
u make ma toto dey pain me
oh kubolor
u r too bad

so am writin u dis song in church
coz i no dey fit to perch
coz u make ma toto dey pain me
n now the pastor n congregation r lookin at me so funnily

kubolor ma y wo d3n?
wo mia mi tu ti s3 ab3n
wo di mi roff ti s3 any3n
nanso wo ko ah mi si tw3n
y3 do yi wo ho no s3n?
mi p3 awari3 nti dab3n?
wo si wo p3 mi just a friend
friend paaa na wa di mi ten

u r too good

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