DOWNLOAD MP3 : Strongman – Short Man (Kweku Smoke Diss)

Strongman - Short Man (Kweku Smoke Diss)

Strongman - Short Man (Kweku Smoke Diss)

Hip hop heat is on the rise as Ghana’s music scene witnesses the latest exchange of fiery lyrics between Ypee and Oseikrom Sikanii, sparked by the release of Alaye Geng’s new drill anthem, “Money Soon”. The track dropped like a bombshell on October 18, 2023, and has since been setting the charts ablaze with its explosive beats and controversial verses.

Ypee, the award-winning rapper who’s been entangled in a longstanding beef with fellow lyrical heavyweight Oseikrom Sikanii, took a swing with well-crafted words in his guest verse on the track. It’s clear that Ypee leverages his bars to take a shot at Sikanii, opting for a cleverly indirect approach that speaks volumes of his strategy in this rap chess game.

In response to Ypee’s veiled disses, Oseikrom Sikanii couldn’t resist biting back. His recent remarks during a chat with the ever-curious MC Portfolio on Radio One fanned the flames of their feud. Sikanii’s bold challenge to Ypee and his crew, coupled with a flashy display of his wealth, puts the spotlight on his confidence and adds another layer to their complex rivalry.

The tension took to social media on November 17, 2023, with both artists slinging mud on Snapchat, each accusing the other of living in a facade of wealth. This virtual back-and-forth has fans on the edge of their seats, eager to see what move each rapper will make next.

Meanwhile, Alaye Geng’s “Money Soon” is making waves, with fans praising the song’s raw energy and relatable message of hustle and hope. With Ypee’s controversial verse sparking debates and Oseikrom Sikanii’s unmissable clapbacks, it’s clear that the track has transcended music to become a battleground for one of Ghana’s most talked-about rap rivalries.

So, grab your headphones and dive into the drama, because when it comes to the rap game, it’s all about the next move, and “Money Soon” is the beat that’s moving the chess pieces right now. Check out the official video and stream the song to catch all the action.

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