How Electronic Drum Set is Best in Live Music Performance?

Since a decade, the entire worlds of drums have turned to the electronic drum kits from the conventional acoustic ones having limited applications and many drawbacks as well. The lists of applications for those modern drums have increased to a whole new level with the advancements in the technology. One can find the advanced options featuring drum sets of wide varieties enlisted in electronic drum guy to get the best deal in the market.

Modern kits surely have way more advanced and compelling features but apart from that, some incredible applications of those accessories make the traditional ones outdated. Of all those application live music performances are the topmost advantage that gets way better than the acoustic drums due to the additional tweaks added to it.

Some major advantages of an electronic drum set in live performance are

  • Programming the drum sets: – When using a normal drum kit, lots of time is consumed just in tuning and setting drum head as per the required beats, whereas modern electronic kits have a pre-programming option. With a click of a button, the pads can be set to the desired style of the beat like rock, hip-hop, congas, bongos and jazz, etc.
  • Jumping from one style to another style: – Unlike acoustic kits, these can change the sounds from song to song to suit the style and spirit of the music. Having a single drum kit of this kind is literally like having a dozen of different traditional drums which can be changed within a second.
  • Availability of different types of sounds: – By using the drum module, one can change the output as desired. Even a similar sound to the acoustic ones to match the vintage music can be produced easily by using different accessories available.
  • Syncing to other sounds: – In Live music performance, there are lots of other instruments which should be perfectly balanced with each other to produce the desired music. If you use those electronic kits then the sound engineer can easily make a well-balanced mix of all sounds of different instrument that enhances the enjoyment of the audience to a great extent. Varying the volume of the sound or changing the outcome to a whole different output is also possible by using different triggers for the drum pads.
  • Volume control: – The outputs of the acoustic drums are never in control of the drummer and it’s just the force used which creates a definite volume from it. This kind of distortions in live music performance can be quite depreciating and unpleasant to hear. On the other hand, the rubber pads which can be controlled completely by using the different control buttons can limit the volume as per the requirement.
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Apart from all those advantages, the most preferred feature of electronic drum kits is that the drummer can hear the output of the drums by using a headset. This ensures whether the sound coming from the pad is as per the requirement according to which it can be modified too.


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