Gallaxy – Qualities Official Music Video

Gallaxy - Qualities (Official Music Video)

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Gallaxy - Qualities (Official Music Video)

We present to you the official Music Video of Gallaxy – Qualities . Watch Qualities  By Gallaxy  Below .and Download Free MP3 .

LYRICS : Gallaxy – Qualities


Ma Babe fine
She dey make up on time
She no be abrofo nsem she be local like palm wine kai
See her nose f3f3 like ntose
so when she pose I turn photographer I dey take Photo eeehennn

All the Qualities
All the Qualities
All the Qualities

She got all the Qualities (2x)

If you try I go give u brutality ayt

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She be mine she be mine she be mine she be mine she be mine
She be mine she be mine she be mine she mine she be mine
She be mine,toi toi ,do me toi toi ,she dey do me toi toi kai


Baby wo nim baby wo nim
S3 nkr)fo) b3 ki ka y3n ho as3m nso 3nfa hy3 wo trim
Mi si relax na wony3 cheap
Enti na )d) a mi w) ma wo d)so 3y3 apim
Mi baby yi
S3 )nanti aaaaa
S3 )toto n’abasa na oyi akyiaa
S3 oshaky shaky na boys hu aaaaa
Na )mo eni as) nso )mo nyaa
Wo d) na mi hw3 no be your face
Wo d) y3 mi d3 I love the taste
Wo ma ni bro mi so koraa no go be waste
Fri s3 mi win wo d) no s3 court case
Bae holl up
Checky backside
Wo k) w’enim nso wo hw3 wo backside
Wo b3 cross p3 y3 b3 gye offside
You dey make )s)fo self dey backslide
Fri s3 wo w)

This thing got me loving you
Cos you hot and cool
If I no choose you who I go choose kai
Ma Babe cool ayt
Loving you go be final
Street love not for coner
So hold my hands make we turn up
Is Gallaxy ayt

Repeat Hook

———Is MOG baby
(you listening to harbour city music)
I see you Shottoh Blinqx

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