Dr. Louisa – Getting Married To Stonebwoy Was Not Too Early

Dr.Louisa - Getting Married To Stonebwoy Was Not Too Early

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Dr.Louisa - Getting Married To Stonebwoy Was Not Too Early
Dr.Louisa – Getting Married To Stonebwoy Was Not Too Early

Dr. Louisa – Getting Married To Stonebwoy Was Not Too Early 

Entertainment news Showbiz on Ghana Songs Graphic dated 6st June 2023 Tuesday

HEADLINE 1 :  Dr. Louisa – Getting Married To Stonebwoy Was Not Too Early

HEADLINE 2 : There is no beef between myself and Dancegod lloyd – Incredible Zigi

HEADLINE 3 : i am a loyal being when it comes to everything – Strongman


On the “Day Show” with Berla Mundi, the wife of renowned Ghanaian Reggae/Dancehall artist Stonebwoy has debunked the notion that she got early to her husband too early. Dr. Louisa Satekla
disclosed that love is not a respecter of age and as such Ghanaians should refrain from weighing love and age. She explained that when true love really prevails between you then nothing should prevent you from tying the knot because waiting for too long would not change anything.

She further stated that mutual understanding and having a common goal is very key in ensuring that both partners get what they want from the relationship. Dr. Louisa added you don’t have to wait and have everything in life before you can marry someone because life is a gradual process and you cannot achieve everything at once.

She believes when there is an opportunity to do something and you receive back up from the family, then it means you have to strongly grab it. Dr. Louisa getting married to Stonebwoy at the age of 25 is still not something people should be worried about as a bad thing. Stonebwoy and Dr. Louisa tied the knot in June 16, 2017 who are living happily and have been blessed with two children.

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Following the notion that Ghanaian dancer Incredible Zigi is not on good terms with Dancegod Llyod, the former has reacted to the rumours about the latter. Incredible Zigi and Dancegod Lloyd who doubles as a musician are two of the best dancers lifting the flag of Ghana high with dance and music.

Since both are noted for the same craft, there has been a notion that both are at loggerheads with each other but Incredible Zigi has refuted the notion. In an interview with Amansan Krakye on Property FM Cape-Coast, Zigi revealed having a friendly relationship with Dancegod and nothing hampers on their friendship because they are all pushing the same agenda.

Zigi did not attribute all the compliments upon him but also revealed that Dancegod is doing very good with dance and music and since they are able to generate some income from the work, no one is against each other. Incredible Zigi made known that sometimes is the fans who try to bring this kind of feud between artists in Ghana and later sit behind and to watch the proceedings. Zigi stated when he meets Dancegod it’s all above love and fun but not as many people have purported.


Strongman Burner has revealed his sense of loyalty in every aspect of his life. He disclosed that when it comes to love and business he is very loyal in his dealing and cited some examples. Strongman made known how he has been able to stay with his baby mama for a very long time when things were not that ok with him but he endured.

He believes a lot of men will run away when they impregnate their girlfriend or deny the pregnancy but he did not escape. Recently, Strongman hinted on how soon it will be to tie the knot with his long time baby mama which has put many fans in anticipation of the lovely ceremony.
He added that he was able to attend the same basic school till he completed which also shows how loyal is he for being able to stick to one school.

Strongman Burner stated he attended Kings and Queens International school from nursery to JHS till he completed. The school is located at Buokrom in Kumasi where he grew up. He ended with a note that these make him loyal to anyone he works with being person or organization.

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