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Ball J - Game Of Thrones

Ball J released new song titled ‘Game Of Thrones’ “Game Of Thrones” is a single by Ghanaian Hip-hop artiste and record producer Ball J. The song was Inspired by Game Of Thrones tv show. The song contains samples of the Game of Thrones theme song. It was written and produced by Ball J.


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LYRICS : Ball J – Game Of Thrones

I am the king!
Any man who must say I am the king is no true king
I am the king!
I am the king!
I am the king!
Any man who must say I am the king is no true king

Are you ready
Take y’all to Nu Afrika
Are you ready for war (ready for war)
Winter has come

This is how you fight for war
We don’t fight for kings
This is how we fight for what is lost
You perish in the eleventh air
We’re popping everywhere
Secret books of the knowledge of the alcoholic
Getting tipsy on the catholic church
But I pray to God first
As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
No fear, we never run… no fast and furious
I wish I could rewind the time back, you had to walk Walker
Still the king in the mind of the living Paul Walker
(The oracles words)
Welcome to throne
I never said I am a prince
Throwing in the stones and you will see the king
My bodyguards are opposite of body bags
(The prophecy)
I don’t mention my name, no title
You should know me by now, you better find out
Browse into the future, internet is an idol
Bring it back, carouse with red wine
And I dine with the real fathers
The high throne, the flying colors
Game of lairs, haters, crunchers, snitches, bitches… and witches… and trees… and monkeys
Black in racism
Blackmailing the black female and the widow of the widower bringing forth babies in the forest and fought Orisis growing wild like… ha!
Growing wild like Tarzan
Initiate the power, the accumulation of the forces of darkness
Fuck the tribulation
Watch back and the crap is back till the wrath come till the Bible is over
Animal-ism, they are practicing wicked-ism to own the throne
My mind is holy baptism, tann-ism
Going deeper deeper it don’t stop
Peter Peter on the rock
What we fighting for
I enter this, I’m into it
To get to the winter land
Get colder till winter end
I’m ready for the wilderness
No noise, Nu Afrika! the boys
So rejoice we’re bringing incarnation
And redemption is ringing our voice
New generation, New Testament
We never fail examination
Oh it’s delicious, we killing… fork and knife festivals
We dealing with no sacrifice
Fuckticious, it’s not by chance
It’s by the hand of the real hand
By the hand of the golden hand
Voice of a holy man
Body of a soldier man
Nu Afrika
So many kings you can’t count all, count on us
(The prophecy)
Listen close;
These are the best rappers in Africa
It’s me AKA Ball J please
I Sark all these MC
MI Shady I’m black
Female made it like a king Lori Laughlin
I stay in Africa the truth is…
I made all the rules and the prove is…
I made New Africa they want to Fuse it (Yes)
But don’t you abuse it like new kids
(I am the king)
Tighten your belt and open all your shields and take your swords you’re about to fight
You not in a fight with us, you’re fighting with flesh
You’re fighting with spirit and you don’t even know Christ
You’re lost
I glow like the moon in the night
The same moon is cold the other side is vampires
Where I’m from is gold… the secret of the empire
And the kings don’t blow their trumpets they rule the soldiers
And the soldiers blow their trumpet… do you feel it? be honest!
They say we’re staying back 200 years and still drumming the same songs we used to build the pyramids in there

I am the king!
Any man who must say I am the king is no true king

Winter is coming!

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